Tinted moisturizers were never really my thing in the past. Even now, I consider myself a full-coverage-foundation kind of gal, but I’ve been open to trying new things. I’ve mostly steered clear of tinted moisturizers because my skin can be finicky. It suffers from dehydration but can still get oily on the surface, an issue that’s no fun if your skin is also sensitive and acne prone (like mine). Now that I’ve finally nailed down a skincare routine that works for me and keeps my skin clear, I’d like to start experimenting with tinted moisturizers for lighter coverage. 

Although my acne has gotten a lot better, the oil issue still seems to rear its ugly head. That’s why I decided to ask board-certified dermatologist Lauren Penzi, MD, for advice on the matter. She offered some great tips for those with a similar skin type who would like to shop around for a good tinted moisturizer for oily skin. She says to avoid occlusive ingredients in a moisturizer that can clog your pores like paraffin, mineral oil, lanolin, and petroleum. She also mentions that there might be a few other tweaks needed to make sure your skincare routine is optimized for your skin type. “Avoid alcohol-based products that seem to temporarily help but, in the long run, make skin more oily as the skin tries to compensate for the sebum that is lost by producing more oil,” she says. For her tinted-moisturizer recs and a few of my own favorites for oily skin, keep reading below.

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