For women who are thinking of transitioning to their natural texture, what tips would you give them?

Anyone who is thinking about transitioning to their natural texture should consult a natural-hair specialist. The transition is different for everybody, so do not compare your experience to others’ and vice versa. Find what works for you.

Lastly, through your work, how do you hope it contributes to changing Black haircare and the way Black hair is perceived?

I want my work to show that healthy hair is good hair. It is not about the texture or diameter of your curl but about giving each head of hair what it needs to prosper. Curly hair is limitless, and I want to showcase its versatility by bringing various coloring, cutting, and styling techniques rarely seen on curly textures. Curly hair is truly multidimensional and does not have to be altered (textured-wise) to fit in. It is beautiful just the way it is.

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