Trevor Rainbolt, GeoGuessr player extraordinaire.

Graphic: Trevor Rainbolt / Kotaku

GeoGuessr players are out of this world. If there’s anything that comes close to real magic on the internet, it’s seeing players use nothing but a photo of a telephone pole on Google Maps to determine where that object actually is. And there’s probably no one more skilled at this feat than Trevor Rainbolt, known online as Georainbolt or sometimes Rainbolt. A TikTok sensation who posts wild discoveries on his social media channels, he’s well known for his quick insights and dry humor. Oh, and his uncanny ability to find things, sometimes having almost nothing to go on before telling you exactly where that thing is.

But sometimes, it’s not just about beating a record or imposing a crazy rule for finding a Google Maps location. Georainbolt often uses his skills for things a little more creative than being a skilled GeoGuessr player. Here are some of the wildest things Georainbolt ever found.

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