Are you a digital nomad? Is the visa-free stay too short for you? Well, you can get a Digital Nomad Visa and stay there as long as you like. Here are Countries Where You Can Get a Digital Nomad Visa.

Digital Nomads are people who work anywhere, and some even, anytime! They can easily travel and work as long as they have an internet connection, be it at home, a resort, or by the beach.

Sometimes, we get tired of traveling all the time and want someplace to be our base for maybe a year or two, or perhaps half a month. However, some visa-free stays will only allow us a few weeks or even a month. However, if you have a Digital Nomad Visa, you can be a temporary resident and stay longer. Check out the list of countries where you can get those!

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Program Name: NDR Visa (Nomad Digital Residence Visa)
Validity: 2 Years
Application: Online


  • Employed or Self Employed
  • Pays Income Taxes in their residence or native country
  • Can work away from home (residence or country) with use of mobile technology
  • Income should be at least USD 50,000 annually

Processing Fees:

  • Single – USD 1,500
  • Couple – USD 2,000
  • With Dependents (Family of at least Three Persons) – USD 3,000

Relax and work on a tropical island. You’ll have a vacation and earn money in one. However, please note that you can’t look for work in A & B; instead, you need to have your own business or be employed elsewhere.

Program Name: Barbados Welcome Stamp
Validity: 12 months from Date of Arrival in Barbados
Application: Online


  • Employer is not from Barbados
  • Your work is location independent
  • You will not take jobs away from locals
  • Income should be at least USD 50,000 in the next 12 months

Processing Fees:

  • Individual – USD 2,000
  • Family Bundle – USD 3,000

Live in gorgeous Barbados in the Caribbean with the sea and the sand as your office. Less stress and more fun as you earn money online and live in paradise. Read our guide on How to get a Barbados Welcome Stamp.

Work from Bermuda Certificate Get a Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa
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Program Name: Work from Bermuda Certificate
Validity: One Year from Date of Issue
Application: Online


  • Can be for those Currently Employed, Working from Home (like Digital Nomads), or
  • Enrolled in Tertiary Education (Research, Undergraduate, Graduate or Doctorate) and studying remotely
  • At least 18 years old
  • Not convicted of a crime or civil proceedings
  • Have substantial means and a continuous source of income (there’s no requirement as per their website, but like most Caribbean Nations, earning at least USD 50K is a good amount)

Processing Fees: USD 263

If you are already tired of the place, you are in, as it’s too restrictive or boring, go to Bermuda. Students and workers can live here if you have enough funds. Read our guide on How to Get a Work from Bermuda Certificate.

4. Cayman Islands

Countries Where You Can Get a Digital Nomad Visa 01
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Program Name: Global Citizen Concierge Program
Validity: Up to 2 years
Application: Online


  • Employment is outside of Cayman Islands
  • Earning at least USD 100,000 (individual), USD 150,000 (couple), or USD 180,000 (with dependents) annually

Processing Fees:

  • Party up to 2 – USD 1,469 per year
  • For Each Dependent – USD 500 per dependent per year

Another place where you can enjoy living and working is in the Cayman Islands. It’s a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean near Cuba and Jamaica. To have more tourists coming in due to the pandemic, they have opened this program.

Is It Safe To Travel To Dubai, UAE Now
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Program Name: Work remotely from Dubai
Validity: One year
Application: Online (Or can be done when you are in Dubai)


  • With Proof of Employment or Proof of Ownership of a Company
  • Monthly income is at least USD 5,000

Processing Fees: USD 287 plus medical insurance and processing fee

The most populous city in UAE is Dubai. It’s the only Middle-Eastern place on our list, but definitely, a great place to live in. There are many activities you could enjoy, from ancient to modern attractions. It’s a great option if you want to live in a city not your own.

How To Apply For A Estonia Schengen Visa For Philippine Passport Holders

Program Name: Estonia Digital Nomad Visa
Validity: at least 180 days
Application: Through Embassy or Visa Application Center


  • Can work independently regardless of location
  • Perform duties remotely using telecommunications technology
  • Has an employment contract with a company registered outside of Estonia, conduct own company abroad, or a freelancer for clients mostly outside of Estonia
  • Have a minimum of €3504 (gross of tax) monthly income (met 6 months before application)

Processing Fees: EURO 80 for short-stay or EURO 100 for long-stay

If you want to stay in Europe for a year, then you can live in Estonia. It is a Baltic nation filled with medieval buildings and has the best air quality all over the world. Here’s a guide on How to Get an Estonia Digital Nomad Visa.

DIY Travel Guide to Tbilisi, Georgia
Photo by Dan Lundberg CC BY-SA 2.0

Program Name: Remotely from Georgia
Validity: 180/360 days
Application: Online


  • A Freelancer, Fulltime-Employee or an Entrepreneur
  • Monthly income is at least USD 2,000
  • Usually, those eligible are countries that are visa-exempt to Georgia. Filipinos are not eligible for this program.

Processing Fees: Free

A country that’s unlike any other on our list is Georgia. It’s a Eurasian country filled with gorgeous views and fantastic buildings. You can enter this charming country and stay here for a while. You can read this article: Remotely From Georgia: How to Get a Georgia Digital Nomad Visa.

15 Best Things to do in Iceland

Program Name: Remotely Work Visa
Validity: 180 days
Application: Paper form or Regular Mail to the Directorate of Immigration in Dalvegur


  • Does not need a visa to travel to Iceland
  • Not been issued by the Icelandic Authorities a long-term visa in the last 12 months
  • Work remotely – Employee of a Foreign Company or Self-Employed Worker
  • Does not intend to reside in Iceland for the long-term
  • Earns at least ISK 1,000,000 monthly (USD 7,700) or ISK 1,300,000 monthly if with a partner

Processing Fees: ISK 7,800 (about USD 60)

The only Schengen Area on our list is Iceland. It’s one of the most stunning countries ever, and it’s incredible staying here for half a year. However, only those who are visa-free can apply. So, don’t waste your chance and live and work in this Nordic country.

Program Name: Mauritius Premium Visa
Validity: One year (renewable)
Application: Online (Or can be done when you are in Mauritius)


  • The main place of business or source of income is outside Mauritius
  • This is available to many countries; please check their website to know if you are (Filipinos are not eligible). Usually, they are the ones who are visa-free.
  • Have Funds for Stay – at least USD 1,500 per month per head and USD 500 per month for each dependent below 24 years old

Processing Fees: Free

If you think the Caribbean is not fit for you, then try Mauritius. It’s an Island Nation in Africa on the Indian Ocean. It’s a gorgeous place to spend time with loved ones while working. You can apply for an Occupation or Residence permit too!


Those are the countries where you can get a Digital Nomad Visa. It’s pretty interesting to work remotely in another country, especially during these stressful times. In case you need Health Insurance like most countries require, I highly recommend SafetyWing Remote Health Insurance; it’s excellent health insurance for remote workers and nomads!

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