I wouldn’t blame you if news of another brand collaboration doesn’t elicit anything more passionate than a light yawn. In a sea of brand linkups, it takes something especially novel, timely, and exhilarating to capture—and hold—our attention. Yet that’s exactly what Simon Miller and Mango have managed with the launch of their capsule collection. The lineup, which ranges from $35 to $399, spans swimwear, clothing, and accessories and contains all the bright, freshest colors that are signature to Chelsea Hansford’s designs but at Mango’s impossible-to-resist price points.

With elements like crochet, raffia, fringe, and high saturation, the collection hits on some of the major vacation trends of summer 2023. Considering we’re only at the start of the summer, you’ll want to pack the dresses, sandals, and matching sets for all your foreseeable travel plans. 

With a collection this good, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take it for a spin. I pulled together four outfits to show you how everything looks IRL and clue you in on what the best pieces are to buy. Of course, with a buzzy launch like this, pieces are already beginning to sell out, so once you scroll through this edit, I wouldn’t wait too long to hit order on your favorites.

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