We routinely turn to French women for styling ideas. After all, when you look at the feeds of influencers like Aïda and Franny, you’re bound to find a smattering of desirable looks that are equal parts chic and effortless. You know, that whole “je ne sais quoi” thing. On that note, after recently going through said feeds, we found a few specific winter trends that really stuck out as being favorites among many Parisian women. We cross-referenced some of the said trends with some of the new arrivals we spotted at Nordstrom, and it’s clear that you can actually buy the key trends at the mega-retailer.

Below, you’ll uncover a range of trends that appeal to French women, including a strong outerwear pick and an easy footwear style. In addition to visual inspiration, you’ll find the shopping recommendations for each that are available at Nordy right now.

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