One word you can completely forget about when describing L.A. style is “complicated.” In the land of endless sunshine, palm trees, and all of the hiking trails you can imagine, sticking to a laid-back dress code is tantamount. Around these parts, sweatsuits replace tailored suits, with sneaker and sandals beating out boots as the primary footwear of choice. But don’t get it confused: When it’s time to handle business or meet friends for a night out, Los Angelenos just as easily pull off fashion-forward blouses, polished blazers, and other elevated items.

After moving to the city less than a year ago, I started to take note of how the L.A. crowd prefers to express themselves through fashion. During my research, a few sartorial similarities definitely bubbled up, emerging as the key trends SoCal girls gravitate towards the most. Among them, a few expected favorites like white pants and tank tops, but there were also plenty of surprises too. Whether you’ve always wanted to emulate the cool, take-it-easy approach of West Coast style, or just want to know which trends to add to your lineup this season, keep scrolling for the seven summer trends L.A. girls can’t stop wearing.

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