Disclaimer: This isn’t a story about trends that are “out” or anywhere near peaking. This is a story about new (or new-ish) trends that are very popular and not at risk of falling out of favor anytime soon. And why am I writing about these trends, you ask? The reason is fairly straightforward: Spending a lot of money on something you may not want to wear in a matter of months is not advised. 

Fashion can be a bit subjective since style and taste are such personal things, but I’ve been a fashion editor for nine years and have seen many trends come and go in that amount of time. At this point, I can usually tell when certain ones will be long-lasting or more short-term, and it usually depends on how classic they are (the more specific ones don’t usually stick around as long) and how quickly they become over-saturated. 

Below, I’ve highlighted seven new trends that I fully support trying but that I don’t advise splurging on since I don’t see them lasting for years. Scroll to shop an affordable version of each, as well as trends that I do think will stick around.

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