The Tennessee Titans are three weeks away from opening their training camp for the 2022 NFL season. Rookies will report on July 23, veterans on July 26, and then the first practice will take place on July 27.

The Titans had a contentious offseason that saw the the team make several noteworthy moves, including the replacement of their two most notable wide receivers from a year ago.

The Titans impressively accomplished their most successful regular season in well over a decade despite the team using an NFL record of 91 total players in a single season.

That injury list wasn’t just a ton of irrelevant injuries, either. The Titans were forced to play without several key players for extended periods of time.

Tennessee still went on to win 12 games, the AFC South, and the No. 1 seed in the conference. That reason alone should give Titans fans hope that the reigning NFL Coach of the Year will be able to find a way to at least keep this team relevant, even with all the concerns Tennessee has.

As we head into training camp, the Titans have a few positional battles that stand out. Some of these are truly up in the air, while the others you would hope are a foregone conclusion.

Nevertheless, lets take a closer look at the five competitions that we should be keeping our eyes on during training camp.

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