When asked who my celebrity-style look-alike is, the first name that always comes to mind is Kendall Jenner. Despite the pressure of being one of the most influential models in the fashion industry, she never takes her wardrobe too seriously. Diving into the most fun trends of the moment, she’s experimenting and isn’t afraid to play around with color and statement pieces. At the same time, she leans into classic motifs, silhouettes, and trusty wardrobe staples. If any celebrity has mastered the art of the high-low wardrobe, meaning a balanced mix of designer and affordable pieces, it’s Jenner. Countless times, we’ve caught here styling something that costs under $250 and then watching it sell out shortly after.

All of the things that I said about Jenner above resonate so much with my personal style, so when I was deciding which celebrity wardrobe to copy, she was who I thought of immediately. Her outfits are easy to re-create and I was even able to include many of the wardrobe staples that are already in my closet, which was a huge win for me. Below, see the six outfits that were so easy for me to copy that you’ll have to re-create them too.

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