As a millennial, I am endlessly fascinated at what trends are started by and resonate with Gen Z fashion-lovers. The resurgence of many ‘90s and Y2K styles alone has brought back so many fun fashion memories. A recent Gen Z aesthetic detail that has bubbled to the top as of late is all about skin-baring pieces. Think cut-outs, strappy tops, extra-mini skirts, and other audacious styles. In fact, one piece in particular that stands out is the super cropped long-sleeve top.

With celebrities and influencers like Olivia Rodrigo and Emma Chamberlain as noted fans, this revealing top style is starting to pop everywhere. The versatile piece usually hits right below the bust and can be worn alone or layered with mini skirts, baggy pants, cool jeans, and more. Sheer versions of the crop top are also popular and lend to an even more boundary-pushing look. Looking for inspiration on how to style one? Keep scrolling to see 6 Gen Z-approved outfit ideas with super cropped long-sleeve tops.

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