You would be alarmed to find out how many pairs of shoes I have in my closet—well, had in my closet before I did a recent deep clean. Closet cleanouts can be a daunting task to take on, especially if it’s been a while since your last audit, so I like to address mine in bite-size chunks with each category. First up, shoes. Like I said, my collection was beginning to creep north of 40 pairs (I know, I know), because I’ll admit that I have a weakness when it comes to shoe shopping. That’s another story, but today I’m here to share the results of my successful deep clean.

By the end of it, I’d whittled my collection down to nearly half its volume, in part becuase I was holding onto pairs that were well past their expiration dates and in part becuase my personal style and lifestyle has shifted in the past few years. The first to go were shoes like white sandals scuffed beyond repair and sneakers so worn-in they threatened to fall apart. Next were the outdated shoe trends that just aren’t resonating with me in 2023. These are the styles that were simply sitting idle on their shelf for for too long and what I’m diving into here. Ahead, see which six trends I removed in my massive shoe cleanout and which alternatives I’m keeping in the mix.

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