The 6 Million Steps 6 Million Lives memorial ceremony took place at the Babi Yar Memorial Park on April 24, 2022 in Denver.

Around 100 people turned out for the event, in part organized by the Israeli American Council, that was held to memorialize the Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust. The goal by those involved is to walk or run 6 million steps worldwide through the month of April. Organizers wanted to also bring attention to the alarming resurgence of antisemitism worldwide.

The hashtags #6Millionsteps and #6millionlives helps for those taking part in it to count their steps. Their slogan is “We walk, we remember, we stand up against hate.” For more information go to Others helping to organize the event included Mizel Museum and Denver Jewish Day School.

Denver’s Babi Yar Park, founded in 1971, is a living memorial to the thousands of Jews, gypsies, Ukrainians and others who were murdered between 1941-43 at the Babi Yar ravine on the outskirts of Kiev, Ukraine. Today, Babi Yar Park is a place for memorial gatherings, walking, biking, educational tours, and quiet remembrance. It is a place that respectfully welcomes the voices of victims and survivors of world terrorism without speaking for them or representing their pain.

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