It’s been an eventful year on the home decor front: The wave of pastels has quietly died down, and eccentric couches have exploded to the point that they’re as commonplace as Ikea. Yet more big trends have asserted their influence on the decor. 

Much like fashion, the trend phase of the interior design world can be swift and diverse. And several of the main ideas within the space are a mirror to what’s happening on other fronts such as fashion, and culture. For instance, the whimsical rustic design aesthetic feels on par with the current coastal grandma trend currently filtering through Tik Tok—albeit with a more global touch—but the similarities are there. Below, I’m parsing through each of the big trends entering (and leaving) the scene in 2022. From quirky shag rugs to curvy furniture, keep scrolling for a list of the pieces everyone can’t stop talking about.

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