Blazers have undergone what is perhaps one of the most significant metamorphoses in the world of fashion. Once reserved for boardroom meetings and private members’ clubs, the piece was later adopted by the style set and has remained an integral part of their uniform ever since. Versatile and with the ability to transcend seasons, the sharp cover-up can be worn year-round with just a few styling tweaks. And now, as we find ourselves in the midst of summer, blazers are increasingly being worn with another warm-weather staple: shorts.

Whether it’s denim or linen, fitted or breezy, shorts and blazers are fast becoming fashion’s new favorite pairing (second only to another perennial combination: jeans and a nice top). But how do you pull off blazer-and-shorts outfits right from the bat? Looking at a few of our influencer friends who have been wearing the duo on repeat this season, it’s evident that one surefire way to make blazers and shorts look chic is to stick to a neutral color palette—think black, tan, beige, cream, and white. Then, there are fabrications to consider. For example, a floaty blazer might loan itself to a more rigid shorts style, whereas a tailored blazer might look even cooler paired with more relaxed shorts.

Finding the best combination for you will take trial and error, but to help get you started, we’ve rounded up six blazer-and-shorts outfits we find impressive. Scroll below to see them, and should you fall in love with any of them specifically, you can proceed to shop the pieces to re-create the look.

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