So you want to buy a good gift, one that brings a smile to its recipient’s face—not an “Oh, thaaanks” response, but a genuine one—yet doesn’t result in entering 2024 with debt and a non-gift receipt to prove it? You’re not alone in feeling like that’s an impossible ask. After years of doling out gift advice, we’re very familiar with the pressures of the festive season. Accordingly, the Low-Cost, High Joy Gift Guide was born. We’re in our second season, and have another batch of truly special gifts for you. 
For weeks Who What Wear’s team of expert gift givers has been scouring the web, hand-selecting presents with explicit guidelines—it has to be affordable (the average price of presents in this guide is $33) and be unique enough to spark joy. French gifts were selected, as were presents recommended from the coolest in-the-know individuals, and luxury gifts that have no business being affordable. There’s food, stuff to put food in, and some more food. In other words, the 54-part gift-guide below isn’t like the others you’ve seen—it’s better. Scroll down and let us convince you: good gifts don’t have to be pricey. 

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