Since I live in New York and my mom lives in Michigan, we don’t get to see each other as much as either of us would like to. Instead, most of our face time happens on, well, FaceTime. We also text. And by text, I mean that I’m sending her links to things in my various shopping carts that I need her opinion on. (I’m a Libra, and it especially shows when I try to make any type of decision ever.) 

But to my pleasant surprise, my 58-year-old mom recently took our often one-sided link exchange to a more mutual level, and she’s finally beginning to send me shopping links right back. More specifically, she’s been sending me Shopbop links, likely because I bombarded her with my own finds from the retailer multiple times this month. 

To celebrate the momentous occasion, I organized our spring and summer wish lists from Shopbop—both of which had to go through the other’s thorough review process—below. Keep scrolling to see what made the cut.

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