I’m not going to lie to you, Zara is usually the place I beeline to when I’m in the mood to indulge myself in a cheap and trendy buy. But on my last visit, as I was idly scrolling through its new arrivals, I couldn’t help but notice how many chic—and timeless—staples I was seeing, especially pieces that looked destined for a “forever wardrobe”. With a certain anti-trend, quiet-luxury aesthetic on the rise, Zara is clearly taking notes on the our growing interest in paring things back and has been acting accordingly.

Once I spotted a few quiet-luxury finds, I searched all up and down the site and found a trove of items that were so chic, so luxurious, and so wealthy-looking they shocked me to my very core. From the languid cream-toned trousers you’ll want to skip your jeans for to the striped knits that will make you look like you just spent time on a yacht, I’m uncovering the best classic Zara shopping to buy now and wear forever.

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