When I first laid eyes on the stunning work of artist Laura Naples almost a decade ago in the pages of Domino magazine, I was immediately hooked. Since then, I have followed her incredible journey as a contemporary artist and have gained so much inspiration and joy from her personal style and home interiors. It only felt natural to get an inside look at what she has her eye on this season, and there’s no better place to shop than one of our mutual favorite retailers—Nordstrom.

Naples is known for her thoughtful process when it comes to her work, so it’s no surprise that she approaches shopping in the same regard. She gave me more insight into this, sharing that there are three factors that she considers most: “Color, texture, and form [are] integrated across the environments I cultivate, whether in my work as an artist, how I dress myself, or in my surroundings at home.” With Naples’s philosophy, I thought it fitting to have her break down her top picks at Nordstrom with color, texture, and form in mind.

Keep scrolling to check out the artist’s chic fashion, beauty, and home finds, including her signature studio look as well as an array of her gorgeous abstract paintings woven throughout for added inspiration.

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