Flats (especially ballet flats at the moment) will always be a staple for many given their comfortable and chic nature, but beautiful heels are also sometimes hard to resist. If you adore a heel moment or want to add a new pair to your offering, you’re going to love what’s coming your way. 

Yep, a few of the fashion editors on the team are sharing the heel trends they’re particularly feeling at the moment given their forward design qualities. On the flip slide, they also decided to highlight the styles they’re not as into and probably won’t buy this season given their somewhat outdated nature. Of course, it’s to note that all of this information is based on personal preferences, and you should always wear whatever you love, regardless of what someone else likes or doesn’t like.

Keep scrolling to check out the top heel silhouettes of the moment, along with the styles that don’t feel as fresh for the season. There’s also a range of shopping inspiration if that’s of interest. 

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