What is it about the arrival of summer that makes me want to try out every random and trendy fashion buy I come across? Everyone’s style shifts depending on the season, and I’ve always noticed how the moment truly hot weather hits, I eschew my tailored neutrals and plain basics for more experimental pieces and trendy items more willingly than I typically do. Something about summer’s free-spirited vibe just make me want to wear the brightest colors, coolest cut out pieces, and most attention-getting accessories. And this year is no exception.

Now that retailers have just begun to drop their summer collections, I’ve spent my time scrolling through page after page of trendy new arrivals (all in the name of research!) and I simply can’t hold in my excitement any longer: I’m straight-up losing it over these 38 fun summer buys. From colorful beaded necklaces to lime-hued shorts sets, continue on to see everything that’s getting me excited for summer, all delightfully under $100. Happy shopping!

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