Do you know that feeling when you can intuitively tell that something is happening but don’t necessarily have the proof it is? Well, that’s how most fashion editors and buyers feel about trends. While runway shows give us some insight into what will come back in style, it’s all really hearsay until it’s spotted in the streets of cities like Copenhagen and London. Fashion week is the fastest way to confirm our suspicions about what people are actually wearing. Of course, what trends manage to transcend the runway and become popular are based on a myriad of things (e.g., seasonality, wearability, and personal style), but possibly the biggest factor is location. It’s not just that it has to come from a fashion hub. Rather, one particular city has always had its hand in dictating what’s stylish: Milan

Hear me out on this. I know we are all Paris stans and love New York, but Milan is where it’s at. And it’s not just because some of the most prolific fashion houses, like Prada and Versace, are based in this city. It’s also the street style scene. All roads may lead back to Rome, but most trends lead back to the cobbled streets of Milan. To prove that point, I’ve scoured thousands of street style images to round up some of the best outfits from Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023. Plus, I’ve identified the eight biggest trends everyone wore and shopped them out. Consider this your gut check about what’s really happening. 

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