Thanks to the endless reach that the internet and social media affords us, fashion trends across the globe have gotten much more unified. Regardless of this fact, the way that each corner of the globe styles these pieces is often different and rooted in the aesthetics of the respective culture. Although I am American, one such aesthetic that I align with most is broadly European, a fact which my friends are always quick to point out.

The European influence on my wardrobe stems from my love of timeless elevated basics. Beyond that, it’s the way these pieces are styled in a more thoughtful and put-together way. To get a good picture of what this entails, just take a peek at the fashion set in Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and the like. I’m talking structured blazers, understated dresses, classic denim, chic, practical shoes, and other effortless pieces. Keep scrolling to check out 32 of my top fashion picks to create stylish looks with a European flair.

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