I’d be lying if I said I don’t get hit with a startling dose of reality when the ages of younger colleagues get brought up. This was exactly what happened when I realized that my colleague, fashion editor Anna LaPlaca, is 27. It took me a moment to shake that she’s 10 years younger than I am. Apparently, in my mind, I am always going to be in my 20s. When setting out to put this story together, I assumed that, due to our age gap, there would be a striking difference in taste when picking out our top summer picks. As it turns out, I was completely wrong.

While we may be a decade apart in age, our sartorial interests align in just about every way. I came to find that we both have an affinity for retro sneakers, striped button-down shirts, ’90s-inspired matching sets, woven totes, and more. I’m chalking it all up to the fact that we’re both millennials working in the same industry. Scroll on to see what both of us are buying this season.

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