Ask my mom, my sister, or any of my friends what is one thing I will always have an opinion about, and they will all give you a resounding response along the lines of “fashion” or “shopping,” unless you happened to have asked this past week. Then it would likely be Love Is Blind—have you started season five? But really, when it comes to shopping, I am notorious for having some serious opinions that have never led me, or my friends and family for that matter, astray.

It’s only fitting that I ended up a fashion editor, and with a new season to embrace, I am revved up and ready to hand out my shopping advice wherever it’s welcome. One of my favorite retailers is, of course, Nordstrom, so it was the perfect place for me to do my next fashion deep dive. After several hours, I came up with an array of fashion standouts for fall—everything from elevated basics like cozy sweaters and trench coats to of-the-moment pieces like moto boots.

Keep scrolling to check out 31 Nordstrom picks that have my stamp of approval this season. Good luck picking just one.

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