One of my favorite memories from growing up is how intentional my mom was with creating traditions. On Valentine’s Day, she hosted a little crafting party for our friends; Christmas meant cookie baking and tree hunting complete with hide-and-go-seek and ice cream (if that doesn’t say Texas winter); and for Easter, she always organized basket hunting on Easter morning. Our baskets would include gifts specific to each child and their interests from books to art supplies, lego sets to nail polish, and of course some treats, too. Now that my mom has set the bar so high, I’m on the hunt for great Easter gift ideas for kids that can also double as games and activities to bring a smile to our little bunnies on this special holiday.

But, of course, you don’t have to spend loads of money and shower your kids with 20 gifts every time a holiday rolls around. Oftentimes a carefully chosen gift or DIY activity together is just as sweet.

So if you’re on the hunt for something special (that will bring joy beyond one day) then keep reading for the perfect Easter gift ideas for kids that will delight your littlies and make celebrating spring easy. And to simplify your shopping, we’ve divided our picks into three categories: things to read, to play with, and to wear. Happy shopping, Easter bunny!

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This classic story of a sweet little duck family’s journey throughout Boston is a must-have for every children’s book collection.

A deep dive into eggs of all shapes and sizes has never been so beautiful or whimsical.

A story that’s about more than just a digger. Beautifully illustrated, you and your kiddos will love this tender story about how Digger is changed when he discovers something growing in the rubble.

This sweet farm book has pages and pages of fun peekaboo flaps with fun little tidbits and farmhouse facts on each one.

Ever feel like your little one has the energy of all the baby animals combined? This story sweetly puts into words just how frisky and fast and cuddly and playful your little one can be.

The moveable pieces in this book invite your little one to be a part of the story about a bird’s journey to taking flight for the first time.

The poetic story of the little hare learning just how much and how big the big hare loves him.

Readers can become a part of the story and plant an entire piece of paper and watch as their very own tiny seeds grow into beautiful wildflowers.

With background pages and sticker animals ready to be drawn to life, this activity book will keep kids busy stickering and drawing for hours.


Definitely one of the splurgier items on the list, we can’t resist this beautiful sewn, handmade produce. We love the little market bag it comes with too.

If you’ve ever stood outside for hours manually blowing bubbles for your little, you deserve this gift. For under $30, it’s a steal.

Fun and exercise all in one! And the coolest vintage gym vibe.

I’m always on the lookout for art supplies with a twist, and I love that these can be played with like actual legos. They fit in their sweet little box for easy on-the-go use too.

We love this iconic card game, Easter style. For another fun card game, try out this Easter egg hunt matching game.

The play camera got an upgrade. The camera comes with three lenses that can actually be switched out and are so fun to look through.

Incredibly simple, but I have yet to meet a kid who is not obsessed with these. We love playing with them at bath time or outside in a tub of water.

The perfect gift for your aspiring chemist, this set comes with the basics for hours of fun.

A classic, we love that this minimal little game set can tuck neatly away in its own box once everyone’s had their fill.

With every possible instrument you could need, this set has enough for all their friends to join in the fun. We love that the natural wood means that no paint flecks will be eaten if they make their way into little mouths.

Help the bunny stack all the carrots and practice counting too. These colorful carrots are sure to provide fun all spring long.

Throwback with this top spinning set, and have grandpa show them the ropes at Easter lunch with a little top spinning tournament.

An amazing example of simple toys that can provide endless fun. The color palette on these is so pretty too.



Let’s be real, this is more for you than them but this adorable (and affordable!) jumpsuit is super cozy and comes in eight colors. The photos will be too cute to handle.

Kid’s wear through socks fast, from losing them to wear and tear that leaves their little toes poking through. This set comes in the sweetest gender-neutral color palette. We love the vintage vibes and the grippy bottom.

Easter means spring is officially here, which means pool days are just around the corner. Until then, your little bunny will look adorbs playing in the sprinklers in these shorty shorts.

Honestly, do they make these in my size??

This classic cap comes in three colors and is the perfect price point to get one throw in the car and one to throw in the backpack.

Hello, sunny days! These little sunnies are just too cute to handle.

The sweetest of the straw and the lace bow is almost too much. Perfect for a spring picnic or post-Easter brunch walk.

We love the ties on this hat that will help keep it anchored on even the most persistent of littles (trust, me my guy has one and those strings don’t budge). It also comes in beige and white.

Baby bunny bonnet. Need we say more?

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