If you’re on Instagram as much as I am (my screen time is very embarrassing, I admit it), you may have noticed a certain type of sweater pop up over and over again. That would be the humble quarter-zip sweater—or also in other variations called a half-zip. The designs range from roomier silhouettes that you can layer over long-sleeves and T-shirts, or you can wear them on their own. 

Many have stripes that give off a preppy vibe, but others come in solid hues or have fun textures like ribbing, cable knit designs, and shearling to take them up a notch. Here, I rounded up 30 of the best quarter-zip sweaters that are a must in your closet for the cold season. Wear yours underneath your statement winter coat or as loungewear for a cozy snow day in. You’ll look undeniably stylish in either scenario, trust me. 

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