Every time I’m itching to shop and add something new to my closet (which is more often than not) I go straight to Zara and H&M to do a little browsing. This time however I was blown away by how many great new arrivals they had. With fall being here I need to start stepping up my cooler weather style, so I have been looking for everything from new boots and hats to great sweaters and dresses. Zara and H&M did not disappoint, I mean there were so many great items I couldn’t decide what was going to make it from my wishlist to my wardrobe. Now I know one of the common complaints about shopping at Zara or H&M is that there is just so much product to look through before you find the items that you actually love. But luckily for you, I’ve already gone through the site and picked out some of the best pieces both retailers have on the market right now. 

Keep scrolling to see which items from Zara and H&M are in my cart.

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