If you like people-watching as much as I do, allow me to indulge you in my latest fashion sighting while living in NYC. New Yorkers are embracing a vintage classic with open arms—yup, the varsity jacket. These iconic jackets, once reserved for high school athletes, have cycled in and out of my life as a fashion person.

When I was in my first-ever high school musical, Grease, the very cool main characters wore varsity jackets, and so did I. In college, I also had a period of time when all I wanted to wear was a vintage varsity jacket. The bouncer in our college town surprisingly thought I was of age because my jacket had graduation years that were just a bit older than my own. With all of the memories that come along with the idea of wearing a variety jacket, I’m quite excited about its return to the fashion world.

What’s driving this sudden surge in varsity-jacket popularity? It’s not just about staying warm during the brisk East Coast winters; it’s about expressing individuality and a sense of unity with the city. New Yorkers are known for their unique sense of style, and these jackets provide the perfect canvas for personalization. From vintage-inspired designs to modern, sleek silhouettes, there’s a varsity jacket for every taste. Make your own memories with one of the options that I’ve sourced below.

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