Although fall is my favorite season for fashion (and everything else), I don’t dislike summer clothes by any means. It’s refreshing to just throw on a dress and some sandals and go. I have a few very “summery” pieces in my closet for occasions such as the Fourth of July parties and beachy vacations, but for the most part, I tend to avoid things such as items with tropical prints, neon, and all crochet everything. The reason is I don’t find such summery pieces to be appropriate for very much of the year, and I prefer things that are a little less specific that I can wear for more than a month or two.

So what’s a girl to do who doesn’t want a wardrobe full of overly summery items but still wants to look appropriate for the season? Shop for low-key warm-weather items that are effortlessly cool. I found tons of chic linen, cotton, and silk pieces that you’ll be able to wear for more than just July and August. Scroll to shop my selections. 

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