The thing about packing is that I despise it. Admittedly, it almost even makes me dread trips. So over the years, something I’ve learned is that having the right tools to make packing easier makes me dread the task far less. In my opinion, one of the most important elements of packing is getting the contents of the carry-on bag right. In fact, I even usually start with it so that I know I won’t be rushed (as I usually am when I leave something to the last minute).

The items in your carry-on bag are the ones that should be most readily accessible to you both during your journey and when you get to your destination. Your carry-on bag should also contain those important items that you don’t want to leave your side (i.e. jewelry, passport, medication, etc.). 

I’m someone who can’t take a trip without making a packing list, so I referred back to a few of mine and saw that I pretty much pack the same things in my carry-on every single time I go somewhere, whether via car or plane. Scroll for my list in case you need a little carry-on assistance too.

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