Have you ever paid for someone’s coffee at your local café or compliment a stranger on their outfit, just because? Well, today is random acts of kindness day, and just like the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, we’re on a mission to #MakeKindnessTheNorm. To celebrate, we’re sharing random acts of kindness ideas to encourage one another to participate in acts of altruism and benevolence because showing grace and empathy is something we should be doing every day.

Scroll down to discover 20 fun ways you can show kindness this week, and up your good karma points while you’re at it. These ideas are so easy and rewarding, and you may just make someone’s entire week.


Send a “just because” text to a friend who’s going through a hard time.

Offer to babysit for new parents.

Do your roommate’s laundry.

Tell someone they look amazing today.



Donate your work clothes to Dress for Success.


Give your pet a 15-minute head scratch.


Make this pumpkin soup and drop it off to a new mom or a friend in need.


Share a friend’s latest project or accomplishment on social media.

Read a story (and do the voices!) for your child.


Give a free back rub.


Send a Starbucks coffee card to your colleague who’s doing a great job.


Make someone a Spotify playlist. 

Surprise random friends with flowers.

Give your significant other the last bite of dessert.

Post the photo where your friend or sibling looks amazing instead of yourself.


Offer to help a recent college grad with her resume.

Pick up the tab at your next (social-distanced) coffee date.

Invite a friend over for a home-cooked dinner.


Write an old college friend a letter. 

Call your mom and dad just to tell them you love them.


This post was originally published on February 17, 2020, and has since been updated. 

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