I think we can all envision what it means to smell dirty, but what about smelling clean? It’s a harder concept to grasp since there are so many different interpretations of what it means to smell clean. To me, cleanness is the smell of fresh laundry straight out of the dryer, an empty street just after a rainstorm, or a squeeze of bright, fresh citrus

I think the biggest thing about a clean scent, though, is that you know it when you smell it. I’m obsessed with fragrance, and I have plenty of scents I’ve labeled in my mind as “clean-smelling” that I rotate through my collection. The biggest similarity they have is that these scents always make me feel fresh and new—like a blank slate. I wear them when I want to feel like I’m giving myself a new start. Keep reading to find my favorite clean-smelling scents (some may even catch you by surprise). 

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