When I first met my boyfriend, he was just like most men in their late-20s and using the bare minimum when it came to grooming products. The first time I went to his apartment, I peeked in his shower and saw a three-in-one shampoo—cue horror music. Luckily, all of his other qualities were good enough to look past his minimal self-care routine.

Now that we’ve been dating for over three years, I credit myself with single-handedly transforming his routine. My apartment is essentially like my own personal Sephora since I constantly have so many products to test, so I’m able to give him products I think he’ll like. I asked him to give his uncensored opinion on the products I’ve given him that he actually uses. Let’s just say we’ve come a long way since his three-in-one shampoo days. Keep reading for the products he loves and snippets from our conversation on why he loves them. 

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