This city in Colorado is a place of fun and excitement. Steamboat Springs is a city for all seasons! If you want to try something new on your next vacation, just go here! From winter and water activities to summer and mountain activities. It has all the outdoor recreation for thrill-seekers! Offering a wonderful and relaxing view, Steamboat, CO is surely a must-visit.

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In this article, we listed down all the 15 things that you can do or visit in Steamboat Springs. Although it is not enough, these 15 will surely help you decide on what to expect when you go to this wonderful city.

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Best Things to do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

1. Fish Creek Falls

15 Things to do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Photo by qJake CC BY-SA 2.0

A wonderful place to get closer to nature. Walking through Fish Creek Falls is an activity you shouldn’t miss. The view of the falls is all worth it to see. You can do hiking to see more stunning views. However, you can choose not to, as you’d still be able to see and hear flowing waters and trees shining on a lovely day. 

2. Strawberry Park Hot Springs

15 Things to do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Photo by Eli Duke CC BY-SA 2.0

A great way to relax your body is to soak in a hot spring. With the views that surround the area, you could never ask for more. The hot spring has a year-round temperature of 104 degrees. When you’re in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, this is one of the places that you shouldn’t miss!

3. Steamboat Ski Resort

15 Things to do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Photo by Murray Foubister CC BY-SA 2.0

A resort that offers different activities all year round. It doesn’t matter what season it is. Steamboat Ski Resort has every seasonal activity for you! It offers skiing in the winter and spring season. While hiking and biking in the summer and fall season. Kids and adults would love staying here.

4. Yampa River Botanic Park

15 Things to do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Photo by Kimon Berlin CC BY-SA 2.0

This is just one of the few botanic parks in the state. The admission is free and you can see local wildflowers and fauna. There’s also a core trail access and hiking trail that would give you the opportunity to have a clear look of nature. Please remember that this park is open in spring, summer, and fall but is closed in winter.

5. The Crooked Key

Have a unique and fun experience in The Crooked Key! The ideal place to visit with friends or family. Take the challenge and enter an escape room! Expect three indoor missions and one outdoor mission. This family-friendly recreational activity is a must-do while you’re in Steamboat Springs.

6. Yampa River Core Trail

15 Things to do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Photo by J Iannone CC BY 2.0

In Yampa River Core Trail, you can either walk or ride a bike. On your way, you can find cottonwood trees, benches and beautiful picnic spots. Not only that, but there are also other parks and playgrounds that can be accessed through the Core Trail. Have a nice lovely trip to this trail.

7. Steamboat Gondola

15 Things to do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Photo by Jeffrey Beall CC BY-SA 2.0

The Gondola ride would let you see more of nature from a different angle. And when you get to the top, you’ll see restaurants, and you can try skiing. This peaceful ride going to a top of a mountain is well worth it. 

8. Howelsen Ice Complex

If you want to experience something new, then try riding bumper cars on ice! Howelsen Ice Complex is the only Colorado ice center with Bumper Cars. Can you imagine how exciting that is? It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time trying it, the ice sheet can help you. If you want, you can also try figure skating, hockey leagues, and broomball. 

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9. Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area

If you’re into water activities, Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area is a place for you! Try fishing or whitewater rafting here. You can also do hiking for a rewarding view! The place is also not crowded so you can definitely have a peaceful time here with your family or friends!

10. Howelsen Hill Ski Area

Steamboat Springs surely has everything when it comes to outdoor activities! In Howelsen Hill Ski Area, you will not only experience skiing. You can also try snowboarding, nordic skiing and ski jumping during the winter season. While you can do hiking, biking, summer ski jumping, ball fields, tennis, or horseback riding in the summer season. Whichever season you choose to go, you’d surely have fun in this attraction!

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11. Tread of Pioneers Museum

If you’re interested in learning about the history of settlers in Colorado, then this is the ideal place to start. On the display, you’ll see various ranching, mining and settler life artifacts. A complete history of skiing, as well as Native American art display, are also exhibited. This is a self-guided so you can manage your own time inside.

12. Routt National Forest

15 Things to do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Photo by Jeffrey Beall CC BY-SA 2.0

In this beautiful forest, you can try biking, hiking, camping, boating or swimming. And while doing those activities, you’d get an opportunity to see wildlife including horses cows, mule deer, and even moose. The views such as flowers are undoubtedly beautiful. Really worth your time.

13. Three Quarter Circles Sporting Clays

Get out of your comfort zone and try skeet shooting! Whether you’re a first-timer or not, they have plenty of skeet shooting stations for everyone. If it’s your first time doing this outdoor activity, they can train you first. And after that, you can already start your first ever skeet shooting experience. 

14. Storm Peak Brewing Company

Try one of the best beer at the Storm Peak Brewing Company. You can also have free popcorn here! But what’s the best in this place? They have indoor and outdoor seating which overlook very scenic views. And if you’re traveling with your fur babies, no problem! This brewery is pet-friendly! Really a fun place for everyone! Never miss this one out! 

15. Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association Visitor Center

If it’s your first time in Steamboat Springs CO, this is a must-visit. They have all the information you need to know regarding your trip. From things to do and places to visit, name it, and they can give you enough information. The staff is also friendly so don’t hesitate to ask them questions!

Things to do with 3 days in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

15 Things to do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Chris Holder

Day 1 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association Visitor Center To know more about the things that you can do or visit in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, you should head to their Visitor Center first. Even though you already planned your trip, and you already have an itinerary, it’s still advisable to go there first. You can get the latest news or other information regarding the place that you will soon visit. 

Fish Creek Falls Going here, you can go hiking or not. Either way, both offer exciting experiences and stunning views for visitors to remember!

Day 2 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat Ski Resort Going here on a winter or summer season is not a problem! You can spend your whole day here as they offer plenty of activities for visitors! People of all ages would surely enjoy their stay here!

Day 3 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Strawberry Park Hot Springs After tiring days of doing outdoor activities, reward yourself with a relaxing hot spring experience at Strawberry Park Hot Springs. You totally deserve it! So don’t forget to go here before you leave.

15 Things to do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
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Frequently Asked Questions about Steamboat Springs, Colorado

1. Is it safe to travel to Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat is safer compared to almost half of the cities in the United States. Violent crimes to tourists are not common in the city. You won’t have any problem wandering around the area.

2. When is the best time to visit Steamboat Springs, Colorado?

Like we mentioned earlier, Steamboat Springs is a city for all seasons. Whether you choose to visit in the winter, summer, spring, or fall season, you can always have something to do! It really all depends on what type of activity you’d like to try. 

3. How to get to Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The closest airport in Steamboat Springs that flies directly from 14 major airports in the US is the Yampa Valley Regional Airport. It is located just 22 miles away from Steamboat Springs! You can check Skyscanner for available and alternative flights going there. 

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