When it comes to beauty practices and products, slow and steady *usually* wins the race; gradually weaning your skin onto retinol, incrementally adjusting your hair color (drastic overnight changes typically don’t end well, just trust me), so on and so forth. However, as a notoriously impatient person who constantly craves instant gratification, allowing my favorite rituals and formulations the time and space to work their eventual magic is challenging. So, whenever possible, I prioritize the products that not only work fast—if not immediately—but are ultra-transformative, and, dare I say, miraculous. In fact, lots of said products I’ve discovered over the years work so well and efficiently, that they’ve even replaced costly in-office or salon procedures like filler, hair treatments, facials, brow appointments, blowouts, lash lifts, hair extensions, and more. 

I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not the only one who wants to get the most by doing the least, so below, I compiled a list of 13 product categories that have completely transformed my routine and my results, plus the specific finds I rely on that work better, not harder to grant fast and noticeable results. Keep scrolling—these formulas guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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