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It’s all but guaranteed that there will be at least one night a week when I just don’t have it in me to cook dinner. But my family still has to eat, and I’d rather not resort to takeout. That’s why you’ll find a sheet pan supper (or two) in my meal plan every week. I might need to whisk together a sauce or chop a few vegetables (doable even on the laziest of nights), but then I just toss everything on a sheet pan and throw it in the oven.

So, just what kind of dinners can you make on a single sheet pan? You’ve got a whole lot more options than you might realize. Everything from chicken and veggies to shrimp to steak to meatballs to gnocchi (yes, gnocchi!) is all fair game.

Sheet pans are a real game-changer for your dinner routine, and if you’re not already leaning on them, now’s the time. Here are 12 easy sheet pan dinners to get your started. Oh, and as an added bonus, most of them call for 5 ingredients or fewer.

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