There are a few buzz words that always catch my eye when recipe browsing. Five-ingredient? Perfect. Guilt-free? Amazing. One-bowl recipes? Yes, please. In case you haven’t noticed, ease and simplicity are huge motivators here. And one-bowl recipes don’t just make cooking (and cleaning up afterward) a total breeze, they can also be ridiculously tasty as well.

I like baking—primarily because I like eating baked goods—but if a recipe is going to take up half my weekend, it’s a deal breaker. By the time I’ve finished mixing and folding and proofing and rolling and freezing, the thought of eating whatever is in the works has lost all appeal.

Instead, I need my recipes to be easy-to-make and hard-to-mess-up. Instant gratification, baby.

From cookies to crumbles, the one-bowl recipes below are perfect for bakers like me who like to have their weekend and eat their cake too—they’re fuss-free, delicious, and require nothing more than a single bowl to whip up.

Could these be any cuter? You only need six ingredients for these elegant little cookies—and since the recipe is incredibly straightforward you can easily double the ingredients and make an extra batch to keep or give away to someone deserving.

You’d never guess this sumptuous cake is a one-bowl recipe. Few flavor combinations are as delicious as chocolate and peanut butter, making this cake an easy choice for your next baking project. All you need are some pantry staples and an unexpectedly delightful ingredient: hot black coffee.

Sugar cookies are as classic as apple pie, and this recipe is so scrumptious that you’ll find yourself forgetting it’s vegan. Make them with or without frosting depending on your personal taste in under an hour. Now that’s time well-spent.

A warm, hearty, and nourishing breakfast is an excellent idea no matter the season. This one-bowl baked oatmeal recipe gives you all the coziness of regular oatmeal but makes it even easier to put together. And who doesn’t want chocolate in the morning? Certainly not me!

When I noticed that the recipe described these cookies as having “puddles of chocolate,” I knew I was in the right place. Topped with flaky sea salt, these cookies are a must-try for your next cozy weekend at home.

Who among us doesn’t have at least a few over-ripe bananas sitting around the kitchen at any given moment? It’s the perfect excuse to whip up these decadent muffins using ingredients you most likely already have in your home and with, you guessed it, one single bowl. The perfect sweet breakfast treat.

It doesn’t get much more adorable than these mini dutch babies. But cuteness aside, the fact that these little dudes are made in muffin tins as opposed to a single large pan means you can really play with the toppings situation. Blueberry compote, syrup, strawberries, or whipped cream—the options are positively endless.

While this ingredient combination might be a bit surprising upon first glance, you can rest assured that these delectable flourless brownies are where it’s at. The taste is elite and it couldn’t be easier to throw together—you won’t even have to squeeze the water out of the zucchini.

Give your usual banana bread recipe a break and take this gluten-free option from Minimalist Baker out for a spin next time you have a craving for some sweet baked treats. However, if you’re not g-free, you can use whole wheat-pastry or all-purpose flour if you prefer. Another perfect excuse to leave those bananas out on the counter for a few extra days.

Few things look as festive as an upside-down cake, and contrary to popular belief they don’t have to be scary or intimidating. This beautiful recipe is as uncomplicated as it is delicious, and you’ve likely got all the ingredients (including a bag of frozen berries) on hand to brighten up your next dessert. It’ll be incredibly impressive, to say the least.

Got a hankering for something chewy, comforting, sweet, and just a little gooey? Then look no further than these one-bowl cookie butter blondies. The secret to making them extra rich and moist is the dark brown sugar, so don’t forget to add it to your grocery list.

Made with just ten ingredients and in a single bowl, this apple crisp is just as easy and healthy as it is flavorful. And if that weren’t good enough, your kitchen will be simmering in the warm and cozy smell of cinnamon and caramelized apples for the rest of the day.

This post was originally published on October 2020 and has since been updated.

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