Aniplex / Wit Studio

Studio: Wit Studio

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

What it’s About: Imagine if Hatsune Miku were tasked with going back in time à la The Terminator to prevent the end of humanity at the hands of AI and you have the elevator pitch for Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song. Throughout the show, Vivy, an idol robot programmed to bring smiles to her audience’s faces with her impeccable singing, races against time to alter events that usher in an all-out war between humans and AI. Along the way, Vivy questions the parameters of her directive, particularly those that force her to let innocent bystanders die, as well as her place in the world beyond her primary objective. She also kicks a surprising amount of ass for a robot that was made to sing, which is always a plus.

And there you have it, chooms, a shortlist of cyberpunk anime you can check out whenever you aren’t reliving your corpo, nomad, or street kid life in Night City. As always, be sure to help your fellow anime-afflicted gamers out by recommending even more shows everyone should check out in the comments.

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